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Claudia Feierstein

  1. Claudia Feierstein, PhD
    Research Associate

  2. Claudia E. Feierstein studied Biology in the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an undergraduate, she worked on the dopaminergic regulation of endocrine function under the direction of Damasia Becú and Graciela Díaz. During her studies, she became interested in how the brain works, and chose to go on to study Neuroscience. She obtained her PhD at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where she joined Zach Mainen's group to study the role of the prefrontal cortex in odor-guided decisions in rodents. In Pierre-Marie Lledo's lab in Paris, she investigated the role of adult neurogenesis in social behavior. She joined the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, where she started working on the neural basis of visual behavior in zebrafish in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Orger. As a Research Associate, she continues to work as part of the Orger lab, combining brain imaging and behavior analysis to understand how visuomotor circuits process information and produce behavior.

Key publications