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Latest News

  1. Humans of science: Nuno Loureiro


    Name: Nuno Loureiro
    Lab @ CCU: Neurobiology of Action Lab
    Title of PhD project: Operant EEG-based BMI: actively controlling external devices through brain activity.


  2. The neurobiology of sex. Part 3: A happy ending is only the beginning


    In the third and last part of this series on the Neurobiology of Sex, Susana Lima, principal investigator at Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, tells us about her work on one of the quickest behavioural transitions in male nature: from passionate lover to snoring sack of potatoes – or, in biological terms, the male post-ejaculation behaviour.


  3. “We made the patients become a dolphin swimming in the ocean”


    “The brain seems to have an endogenous capacity to repair itself after it’s injured. So we wondered: what if there is a way to amplify, to take advantage of, to interact with this spontaneous healing capacity?” – John Krakauer, BLAM Lab, Johns Hopkins University


Latest Publications


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