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Latest News

  1. Unraveling the Human Brain – New Video by HBP


    Watch the latest video by the Human Brain Project (HBP), a global, collaborative effort of neuroscience, medicine and computing to understand the brain, which includes the participation of CNP researchers.


  2. DançAr: First Ar | Respire connosco Programme!


    Ar | Respire connosco is getting ready for DançAr: Dancing In The Brain. This exciting programme includes three events and several workshops, bringing together Dance and Neuroscience at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.


  3. First maps of neural activity in behaving zebrafish


    In a study published yesterday (19.3.2014) in the scientific journal Neuron, neuroscientists at the Champalimaud Foundation, in collaboration with neuroscientists from Harvard University, describe the first activity maps at the resolution of single cells and throughout the entire brain of behaving zebrafish.


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