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Latest News

  1. Zach Mainen:“We create this incredibly complicated illusion of the real world that is what we experience all the time”


    “There seems to be a big gap between the physical universe, that has these objective properties, and one’s own feelings, sensations – this inner world that no one else has any access to. These two things seem to have nothing to do with one another.” – Zach Mainen


  2. New test can help many breast cancer patients avoid chemotherapy


    “We found that within a group of early breast cancer patients that would traditionally receive chemotherapy, about 46% would be able to forego it according to MammaPrint’s assessment. It’s a very large percentage that will allow us to substantially decrease the number of patients that undergo aggressive chemotherapy treatment without deriving significant benefit from it”. – Fatima Cardoso. Director of the Breast Unit at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre.


  3. Humans of Science: Pietro Vertechi and Diogo Matias


    Who are today’s scientists? Inspired by the project “Humans of New York”, Ar Magazine turns the spotlight on individual humans of science every month.


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