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Latest News

  1. Interview with Michal Schwartz, pioneer of neuroimmunology


    An in-depth conversation with the woman who, together with her team, was the first to show that contrary to common wisdom, the immune system is critical for repair and lifelong maintenance of the brain.


  2. To bee means navigate: A story of maps and honey-making


    Even though they have a tiny brain, honeybees are amazingly good at finding their way in a complex environment. What do we know about it and why should we care (even if we don’t like honey)?


  3. Q&A with Marta Moita


    Check out this Q&A with Marta Moita, principal investigator at the Champalimaud Research, where she talks about her scientific path and daily-life as a scientist and shared with us some discoveries from her lab.


Latest Publications


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